The skill of Love

"The I-Thou relationship is immediate.  Between the I and the Thou there is no conceptual knowledge, no pre-comprehension, no imagination, and even the memory is transformed, because it is perceived by the particularity of the totality. 

Between the I and Thou there is no end, no desire, no anticipation, and even longing changes, because it falls down from the dream into appearance. 

Every medium is impediment - the meeting occurs only where every medium has fallen. 

Unification and fusion with the whole being can never happen through me, and never without me.I become I in You, in becoming I, I say You.Every real life is an encounter. "

| Martin Buber - The I and Thou |

Only a relationship of authentic encounter with the other, which mirrors who I am, gives me the opportunity to become entirely myself, an entire ego capable of recognizing the other, The You.  

The couple relationship is one of the most important areas in which this awareness can arise, because emotional investments are profound.  

Accepting oneself in the relationship means learning to love oneself and the other for who we really are, towards creating a relationship based on the experience of true Love.  

The magic of the couple is that it is that particular alchemical place where love can appear, that special spark between that one and only you, able to transform us into the discovery of ourselves.  

To love means to recognize the uniqueness of the other and of oneself.  

Respect the differences.  

Respecting the differences is recognizing oneself.  

To recognize ourselves for who we really are is to love each other.  

A two-way path is a wonderful adventure, its destination is always the place where we need to arrive.