Explore your individuality

“Harmonize yourself, find your note, make it resonate loud and clear, because you are part of the vast orchestra of life.

You have a specific role to play, so do not try to play someone else’s.

Search and find yours and keep to it.

When you have learned to do this, everything will be fine for you, indeed very well…  (…)”

| from “Opening doors within” by Eileen Caddy |

The society of homologation, of imitation represses the individual by deluding him and distancing him from the right to be himself and the profound truth that each of us is uniquely unique.  

Only by being oneself, by listening to one's own vocation, can a life be accomplished; only in the newfound diversity that distinguishes each of us, can we feel that sense of harmony and belonging to everything that surrounds us.  

An individual path is a dimension of freedom allowing one to recognize oneself, through the support needed to personally investigate, meet and nurture our inspiration.  

I am convinced that the greatest discomfort for a human being is to feel repressed in its right to express itself.  

To remain true to oneself is in fact much more than to maintain one's identity, it is to maintain the sense of one's own existence.  

The search for one's individuality is therefore a journey towards the recovery of the meaning of one's own life.